winter terrace

Role: Co-Director, AC, editor

winter terrace is a film that follows three wandering, hungry souls amidst Tokyo's unseen silent nightfall.


This short film explores the landscape of the historical Asakusa district through the eyes of three outsiders who eat, drink, and play from another dimension.

Official Selection:

/ Zebra Poetry Film Festival (2020)

/ CAAMFest Forward (2020)

/ Japan Film Festival Los Angeles (2020)

/ Big Muddy Film Festival (2020)



"The three friends eat and wander through Tokyo together, attempting to escape the loneliness that comes with feeling like the 'other.' After indulging at a restaurant, many clips of the seemingly empty streets of Tokyo leaves the audience with an eerie feeling, as to depict that very loneliness. The stream of frames that cross the audience’s eyes makes it seem that they are curious and/or in search of something." - BMFF