ve wong instant noodles looked so healthy before its passing...
having my early childhood in japan, and only being close to my japanese relatives throughout my life familiarized only one portion of my mixed heritage. my father told to me that one day he will show me my great-grandfather's grave in taiwan; his gravestone was the biggest in the village. my great-grandfather was the president of ve wong noodle company, and i remember eating their ramen crackers as a kid. that being said, my dad never knew my great-grandfather's name.
i found an eerie parallel to the japanese colonization of taiwan to my own upbringing; the erasure of taiwanese heritage because of an overbearing imperialist power that echoes within the interpersonal relationships within my family. as if the knowledge of my taiwanese past was not valuable enough to be passed down to me like my japanese side.
as a reactionary gesture to this discovery and curiosity about the past i have not lived, i took a pack of ve wong sesame chicken instant noodles and cremated them to ashes. i gave the noodle pack a proper funeral shrine, inspired off of the traditional japanese way.


Five printed photographs, 11x17
Altar: wood, white fabric, memorabilia, tchotchkes, instant noodle packs

The Mix Show
group exhibition
curated by sara chao
Nov 2017

Daikon Zine Issue 4, March 2018
Mixed Race Queer and Feminist Zine Issue 3, Dec 2017
images taken by IG: @notyourfantasy and Asuka Lin