mother spider

stabs with love

I stand alone outdoors, between a couple of trees. I wear a fake pregnancy belly made out of various types of styrofoam and hold a piece of needle and thread. I wrap the yarn around the two trees, so that it makes a wall of loose webbing.


I proceed to weave my "belly’"with the trees around me using the needle and thread, stabbing my fake belly with the needle and threading it through and around the constructed web.

What remains in result is a web of yarn that runs through my fake pregnant stomach and around the trees, tying myself to the natural environments around me.


This performance mainly aims to expand the definition of the "body". I became interested in the strange experience of pregnancy. Having your entire body abruptly begin catering to a new life inside of you was an entirely new concept to me that felt almost invading and intrusive. I was also interested in themes of body horror; although it is a popular horror trope, I wanted this project to depict body horror as an act of love and desire.


How much of your body do you really "own"? Where does it begin and where does it end? The body is constantly relative, ever changing and adapting; it can contract and expand but is "it" the right way to address "it"? Isn’t the body "me"?

Published in QUARTZ magazine, Issue 1

Featured on SKYWAVE studio's Instagram