"Worms (In the Futility
of the Senses)"

Meishi Smile

Meishi Smile "Worms (In the Futility of the Senses)"

Zoom Lens Label

© 2021

Role: Director

Producer - Louisa Arseneau, Giuliana Foulkes

1st AD - Lake Peterson

DP - Olive Goanta

Gaffer - Hayley Walsh

Production Design - Louisa Arseneau

Costume - Athena Lawton

Editor - Spencer White

Location Manager - Athena Lawton, Marcella Gersh

Production Design Consultant - Lake Peterson

Animation - Louisa Arseneau, Giuliana Foulkes, Bee Her Hong, Iona Waller


Thank you:

Ben Giles

John Hawk

Frederick Thornton


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