headless.exe is a collaborative project with musician and performer reinabe. inspired off of online creepypastas and urban legends, this experimental short film can be played in a cyclic manner. the film's narrator tells of a headless anime doll that she found in tokyo, which becomes the catalyst of fractured supernatural occurrences that exist in both the real the virtual. headless.exe is an exploration of socially constructed vs assigned identity -- a surreal and unstable experience that many people of color undergo in their lives. using the streets of akihabara not only as a geographic anchor but an aesthetic one as well, this short film steps into an in-between of reality where anime girls become ephemeral vessels of desire.


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"Headless.exe - A Short Film by Asuka Lin and Abe Abe"

oct 2019




a bluer you


chewing foil gallery

zoom lens label

nov 2018

our own pantheon

online exhibition

curated by julie choo

they/us mag

aug 2018



3331 Arts Chiyoda

tokyo, japan

june 2018