A.I. MAMA  is a post-cyberpunk Super 8 film that features Kei, a 22 year old non-binary programmer that attempts to reconnect with their lost mother by building an AI that can import and process Kei’s memories through ingesting their diary entries.


Kei realizes that the computer begins to take on a life of its own, bridging the “real” to the “virtual”, and trauma to the nostalgia.


Along with fresh but familiar messages of social issues, this story of a child in search of their mother takes place in a sometimes alienating, sometimes comforting post-cyberpunk bedroom of the main character Kei.


Official Selection:

/ Drunken Film Festival Oakland (2020)

/ Iso Film Festival (2020)

/ Luna Film Festival (2020) 

/ Japanese Avant-Garde and Experimental Film Festival


​/ Coaxial Summer Series (2020)

/ Super F*cked Up Film Festival (2020)

  Runner-Up: Audience Favorite

/ Frostbite International Film Festival (2020)

  Winner: Best Concept and Best Sci-fi Short

/ Locked in Film Festival (2020)